Covid 19 pandemic had both provided opportunities and the problems:-


1)Families are the important part of one’s life and covid 19 proved it

An individual did find the balance to live life in limited resources with limited people who are extremely close to them and know them better and upliftingthe bond between themselves.

2)The people who lost their job saw a horizon in stock market and started to invest in stocks which were available a t a reasonable low prices for long investment which became a biggest opportunity for people

3)People started to think towards owning a new business due to laying off large employees by the companies this gave boom to the startups and people with different ideas stated to make their dreams a reality and gain a good confidence in themselves to get self employed .


1)The biggest problem was faced by the people who were living in areas where the internet facility was not available they were not able to know many schemes by the government and many students who are called the lighthouse of the society were not able to receive any education due to the lack of internet facility

2)Problem was faced by health care sector with so many changing variant of the virus the health sector showed we are still not fully prepared to face any deadly viruses with the so called enhancement to the industry 5.0 .The health sector need the automated robots to treat the patients to avoid any contact with the patients ,if our Healthcare system was fully robotically sledged we would have never lost so many frontline health care workers worldwide.

3)People faced a lot of depression and mental breakdown in these covid 19 pandemic times which had shown a failure of so called materialistic world .




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