Generally the key challenge that covid19 have presented is high use of the internet and due to that it has made a lot of young children from the age of 10-17 spending a lot of time with the internet and generally its widely known that the internet is a very great factor to child abuse to which most of the children are scared to share their views on how the internet is really depressing them causing huge loss of ability to most of the young children as they believe that the lives they see on social media is a total reality but the truth is most of the social media posted stuffs are lies and the children have to be aware of this so as they can be able to overcome this huge problem to which if its not going to be solved it will cause a great losses such as children killing themselves that is suicide.

Alot of young children are getting hard time to share what they are facing on social medias and there are huge factors to which this children are facing and it is needed to be overlooked bythe private and private sectors well so as we can get a solution especially in most of the African countries




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