De-generalise the U.K. population

The U.K.‚’s response to the pandemic has been slow to get going in part through an inability to contact, track and understand the differing challenges of both the resident population and the international movements of people.

Those countries that responded and performed relatively well appear to be either comparatively easy to isolate internationally (eg NZ), those affected by SARS and/or those who have a greater understanding of, and direct contact with, their population.

The enormous advances in AI could (and in my view should), when combined with all the information currently held by the various parts of the state, enable a far more sophisticated understanding of individual people and the challenges and opportunities they face.

Once the interrelationships are properly understood then the entitlement to, and support from, health, social care, social security, HMRC can be better targeted with the clear aim of providing improved outcomes for each individual at the same cost to the taxpayer.




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