Supply Chain Disruption, Job Loss and Produce Wastage

With lockdown policies being imposed in different locations, the supply chain disruption has set increasing prizes for goods that are being transported from one place to another. Demand for e-commerce services has been increasing but the unit economics for each product delivery has triggered overwork on the part of this sector‚’s service providers such as the delivery personnel and an increase in the overall prize of the product being bought due to delivery cost.

Other than the supply chain disruption, job loss is very much prevalent as a lot of businesses are closing down especially those in the service industry. Hence, there is an increasing demand to look for alternative sources of income that is either online or that which is within the allowable areas for travel based on quarantine restrictions.

The supply chain disruption and the closing down of service sector establishments has caused significant food or crop wastage from the producers. Crops that have been grown for months are wasted due to uncertainty of demand while transport makes it even hard to deliver the crops fresh for consumers. The result is that, there is a tremendous rise in the prize of fresh produce in the supermarkets within the cities.

Because lockdown or quarantine policies will remain for some time, there is a need to find a way to reduce unemployment, reduce crop wastage and delivering products from the source to customers at a much lower cost to help with managing daily household expenses.




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