Eat for Britain

We will change our culture from “regardless of what I do the NHS is there to fix me” to “I am responsible for my own health, the government will support me in my choices and the NHS is there for emergencies.”

Whilst being fit is a good idea, you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet, for thousands of years we took no exercise, we ate a traditional whole food diet, not too much and moved around throughout the day.

Actions to Fix and Capitalise

• Review and update our current “recommended healthy diet” taking into account the most up to date research into: whole foods, plant based eating, high welfare animal husbandry, eating less but better quality meat, gut health linked to mental wellbeing

• Change the tax system in order to make it cheaper to support everyone in eating our new recommended national diet

• Review what and how we farm and incentives farmers to produce what we need as well as protecting the environment

• Incentives supermarket chains to promote and make it easier / cheaper for customers to buy recommended diet ingredients

• Develop a TV and online training program using celebrity chefs and key influencers to train the nation. MAKE IT COOL

• Teach children to cook at school

• Protect and expand free school meals for KS1 as this set’s habits early

• Reinvigorate school food based on the quality of offer rather than choice

• Increase taxes on processed food in shops, in restaurants and take-aways call it a processed food tax

• Increase tax on low welfare food so that a mass-produced imported chicken is the same price as a free range organic British one. white bread / pasta has to be 50p more expensive that a whole grain alternatives

• Set minimum prices on some food so “big-business” can’t undercut small producers (they do this with bread in France €2 minimum for a baguette)

• Train GP’s in the effects of a healthy diet can have on patients (currently 6 hours in 5 years of training)

• Enable GP’s to prescribe training courses and whole foods not pills (could be a problem for pharmaceutical companies)

My thinking is not new, in many ways it’s common sense but common sense is not common practice. Just because we expect people to know this does not mean they will do it, especially when they are marketed something completely different by the process food industry. Good farmers growing and producing the food we need don’t have the marketing budget to compete,

We need to help and support our nation to eat well.

I’m in……….

How can I help? (I might have the £25K prize to invest for starters)

With love





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