Eat for Britain

We have all seen that during the COVID-19 pandemic it is those of us that have a poor diet haven‚’t done as well, in terms of health outcomes, compared to those who eat a ‚’traditional‚’ (pre 1970‚’s) unprocessed diet. This has resulted in pressure being put on the NHS, the government have been forced to shut down the economy to reduce the pressure in hospitals. That‚’s a double whammy! If we were all healthier due to what we ate, less people would be so seriously ill and going into hospital, we could then have kept the economy open and the government would have borrowed less money to support a lockdown.

I believe we have a great opportunity as we move out of the pandemic and leave the EU, to support the nation to evolve and change our diet to a more natural one, which our bodies are really designed for.

Benefits to individuals:

‚- We will live a better quality of life

‚- Our bodies will fight off infections without the need for so much medical intervention

‚- We will be more productive at work at home and in our communities

‚- We will have better mental health

‚- We will be able to work to an older age which supports ourselves, family and community

Benefits for the country:

‚- Freeing up time and money for the NHS to be proactive not reactive

‚- A more productive workforce will lead to higher tax revenues to pay back the borrowing from the pandemic response

‚- We will be happier as a nation

‚- This will help us with our carbon neutral goals

‚- We will import less from abroad

‚- We will be better prepared for the next financial / health challenge




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