Eating Less, Eating Better

There is a huge opportunity, as a result of Covid, to take a variety of measures that reduce obesity. Our country is collectively overweight and this is putting additional stress on the NHS as well as impacting individual lives. This is not a short term exercise, since the problem has developed over the last 30 years. At the same time, city dwellers are increasingly disconnected to the sources of food. Moreover, as a result of leaving the CAP, there is an opportunity to redirect agriculture in support of creating more domestic production of healthier ingredients. It is time to make healthier living a national priority and it is not good enough to say it is a matter for personal ‚’freedom‚’ when the community via the NHS is picking up the cost.

The alternative is to bear higher physical and mental healthcare costs, lower life expectancy, greater absenteeism and less happy, capable and resilient people.




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