The Government is faced with the three challenges as briefly outlined in 1.b. and is hosting the Climate Summit in Glasgow, which this solution could highlight as available to all wealthy western nations, as well as the UK.

Very simply, it would legislate that all new housing should have photovoltaic cells, to generate electricity, installed on every new property built. (This could also include industrial premises) The cost, relative to the total cost of a new dwelling, is minimal and should be borne by the builders, or individuals if building their own house. Thus no cost to the exchequer. These houses would use mainly electric heating, thus a reduction in carbon emissions. The home owners or tenants would have lower utility bills, reducing poverty. Employment in terms of developing our local manufacturing base for this; as well as R. & D. would increase. Employment for installing the panels would increase; all helping to reduce poverty. It would help to facilitate the move to electric vehicles. For sensitive areas or wealthy house owners, the cells can be in tile form. The power supplies would benefit from decentralisation and the UK would be less reliant on foreign supplies.

This is a completely win-win scenario!




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