Empowering patients with health conditions to confidently self-care via remote means


A range of self-care health condition-related digital materials can be collated & presented so that people can choose a match for their specific health needs ie type of health & wellbeing need; accessibility and connectivity to digital aid(s); skills and confidence.

The plan

The main resource will be a variety of webinars (minimum 4) that can be pre-recorded by practising clinicians (eg doctor, nurse from different frontline settings) and intelligent patients with a live Q&A panel. This will help patients to use kit correctly to measure key valid biometric values such as oxygen saturation via a pulse oximeter for asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); or take their blood pressure – by watching a ‘how to do it’ video; or take their medication correctly eg watch how to use an inhaler for asthma – matched to a self-management plan eg for asthma, blood pressure control. In addition it will simple explain how to do a video consultation, use trusted health apps, use social media eg WhatsApp group managed by clinician- to enhance healthcare experience.

Capitalising on the situation: This empowerment of self-care will mean improved remote engagement between patient and responsible clinician; and enhanced responsibility for own care eg taking medication regularly…leading to improved clinical outcomes…thus less avoidable NHS usage such as avoided hospital admission due to better asthma, COPD or raised blood pressure control – saving the NHS £000s per patient and making it more sustainable and reversing the spiralling health inequalities caused by COVID-19 pandemic. For example avoiding a stroke by controlling blood pressure can save the NHS/social care etc £30,000 allowing for the cost of hospital admission, social care, subsequent inability to work etc.

Thus it can be expected that communications teams from the NHS, social care, voluntary sector and media will freely advertise the webinars and associated resources, where the content is funded by this Charity or others and there is no commercial element that might influence recommendations.




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