Empty Lives Empty Shops

The Pandemic has accelerated the decline of the British high street, leaving many shops empty and boarded up. Landlords have no rent. This is particularly apparent with department stores. However, these premises usually consist of several floors and are generally in fairly good repair. They need to be utilised.

Covid has also seen an urgent requirement to house the growing numbers of homeless people on the very high streets that are falling into disrepair. It has been reported in the media that some desperate individuals are deliberately attempting to succumb to Covid, so that they can be provided with accommodation, even hospitalised.

The challenge is to repurpose vacant and unused premises, to contribute to the regeneration of the high street, as well as the opportunity is to provide the homeless with a roof over their heads, a purpose in life and new skills. Not all homeless people want accommodation without more. Their empty lives require new meaning; self respect and an incentive to treat any drug or alcohol addiction, find meaningful employment and begin a new chapter in their lives, as Britain finds a new chapter post Covid and post Brexit.




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