Encourage Local and Individual Response

Responsibility for the entire Covid response is “expected by all” to be from government.

Local Councils have been trimming their services (well before recent cuts and Covid), sub-contracting essential services at the expense of permanent local employemnt and funding their over-paid executives. In this crisis we might have expected local authorities and also individuals, to volunteer or just make an extra effort to make sure that every possible support is provided to government directives. While the NHS gets on with its job, it seems that all other professions and industries do is demand financial assitance. As a nation we have lost: all sense of unity, pride in our community; consideration and care for others, particulalry the vulnerable and elderly; desire to improve or locality and our country. Covid has made matters worse but most are hiding behind this headline rather than rising to beat the pandemic, as this nation would have done during the 2nd World War.




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