Environmental Problem. Drinks cans and plastic and glass bottles, littering, pavement and open spaces


Ten pence recycle charge added to purchase price. Like the charge for plastic bags in supermarkets introduced recently this would not be a tax. Council waste disposal sites would accept the return of plastic bottles and drinks cans 25 at a time. £2.50 would be credited to the relevant bank account, which might be that of the parents of children who had collected the items. Glass bottles would be returned ten at a time for a one pound refund

Additionally the increased charge for the high calory drinks would lead to a reduction in sales and thereby a drop in problems of obesity, in particular diabetes.

It would be difficult for manufacturers to argue against the charge since it is widely accepted that the sugar full drinks are bad for one’s health and especially for children. Provision would need to be made to stop manufacturers switching to tetrapack type containers, possibly by adding ten pence to these too with an equivalent refund for return of 25 boxes




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