Feeling of isolation caused by lack of IT skills, computer hardware or broadband availability

During the past year many people have felt increasing isolated as the pandemic has forced many people into working remotely. Others have lost their jobs, been furloughed or are looking to change careers. Young people have suffered if they don’t have computers or broadband at home. Older people have become increasingly isolated as they lack basic computer skills, so are not able to contact friends and family through modern “facetime” methods. Therefore we have seen a massive contraction of social interaction with many people now relying on a smaller group of local friends and family. It will be very difficult to change this situation during the pandemic, when the sensible advise is just stay home and avoid all unnecessary contact. However, when the country starts to open up again we need to create social spaces in every community where those in need of IT skills, computer hardware, fast broadband etc can have easy access to help and assistance. This will become as important for most citizens as previously we thought of our essential services such as electricity, gas, post and telephone.




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