Great ideas can come from anywhere – an opportunity

Covid has highlighted how much citizens have knowledge, skills, talent, ideas and solutions that are so underutilised and underappreciated by the government.

This contest should prove this too!

Sadly, I hadn‚’t heard of Jeremy Heywood before finding out about this contest. I wish I had as he sounds like an amazing person. I truly feel in all my years living in the UK I haven‚’t had a forum to be able to share my ideas, problems, solutions and thoughts with the government or anyone in a position of power. This is the first opportunity I‚’ve seen to do this. It‚’s so hard to engage and feel valued as a member of society when one has so few opportunities for one‚’s voice to be heard. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jeremy Heywood and those that continue to share his legacy and provide opportunities for inclusivity and engagement in our society.

This recognition that great ideas can come from anywhere is the opportunity I see for the government to capitalise on, and to me Covid has highlighted just to what amazing extent ‚’great ideas can come from anyone and anywhere‚’. From the local businesses organising food delivery services to those in need, to the hundreds of thousands of volunteers, to those working to help provide laptops to students. Resilience, love and care for others leads the way, even in the hardest of times. With creativity, innovation, inclusion and diversity we have seen the best of humanity, and this is something the government should recognise, appreciate and seriously support in order to capitalize on the impact, success and ability of its citizens.




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