Home-schooling challenges

Lock down due to Covid-19 pandemic brought huge challenges for many schools, teachers, pupils and their parents. Home-schooling become for some an enormous task and it gradually showed inequality in many ways.

With the first lockdown nobody was prepared to switch to home-schooling from day to day. Suddenly there were so many barriers.

The majority teachers had no or little experience with teaching remotely or recording the lessons. Some teachers had no technical equipment or resources nor skills or confidence to deliver their lessons remotely.

Their pupils faced even more challenges. Especially the youngest children such as Nursery, Reception and Primary-aged who needed more personal teaching approach.

Gradually as remote teaching became the main way of delivering lessons to the students, more difficulties showed. Some families had not enough IT devices for their children to access to internet data or they could not afford to buy the internet data. Furthermore, many parents working from home needed their computers or laptops to do their work.

Different schools came with different expectations and demands that caused additional pressure and stress on some children and their parents. There were schools and teachers which for various reasons struggled to get connected to their pupils and deliver the basics.

All that caused much pressure and stress for many involved in home-schooling as well as frustration, and regress for some children.

Government response during the second lock down offering funding to the schools to provide more laptops and tablets for those who were the most disadvantaged, did not solve the issues completely. There is still more need to be done to overcome inequalities and various forms of poverty showed by Covid-19 pandemic in education.




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