Hotelhqplatform innovation

Food waste reduction in kitchen and delivery service bottlenecks

We intend to develop, build, and create a buffer in the food and delivery industry. Specifically, we are developing an app with features to make purchases, rate and comment, as well as liaising with telecommunication companies to create a unique USSD code to search for vendors close by. We are empowering everyone and reducing inequality exacerbated by COVID 19. Our core principles are that food must be properly served, the customer has right to reject products that are defective, and everyone must eat something. For example, instead of a Musa kiosk being shut down because of the pandemic, he can work from the comfort and safety of his home to sell his products (fruits) to nearby customers. With regards to social distancing, we intend to build a mobile booth – with means for protection during communication – or use our dispatch vendors who could assist in rendering services too. This project aims to create seamless solutions to challenges in the hospitality industry, especially with regards food waste. We intend to implement an artificial intelligence system that could help calculate the amount of food waste within hotel kitchens and restaurants. This platform can additionally serve to create a link between the hospitality firm and vendors/customers through our app, allowing the vendors/customers to buy foodstuffs that are within months of expiration (and are not being used by the hotel). Through these initiatives, we are increasing revenue, limiting waste in hotel kitchens, and further bolstering the firms with other products that would be rolled out in our plans.




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