How our addiction to plastic had been further exposed by the Pandemic

Over the last decade the western world’s attention has been turned to the issue of plastic pollution, namely single use plastics. Key documentaries such as the BBC’s Blue Planet II revealed just how far reaching the problem has become; showing us the vast amounts of plastics that are poured into our oceans. This got me so inspired that for my Media A level coursework last yer I produced a documentary all about the affects of plastic pollution and also how we personally can reduce our own consumption of plastic. Whilst climate breakdown must be of paramount importance for the government currently (and they must be shown to be acting faster in my opinion), I believe that our addiction to plastic is also a grave danger to future society. The Pandemic has managed to further expose our reliance upon plastic: Plastic-fibre surgical masks, an increase of foods wrapped in plastic, plastic sheets for protection against the virus and of course disposable plastic gloves. In our haste to halt the spread of Covid-19 we managed to push aside our duty to protect the planet, disposing of plastic in such a dangerous way which I believe should never have been allowed. However, out of this pandemic can come real change to our way of life, in particular our uses of plastic. The only reason companies have not yet radically begun reducing their use of either hard or single use plastic in their products is because their is no financial incentive for them. They are, at the end of the day, operating for money, if as I go on to explain in my answer to 2a. you incentivised the removal of plastic I believe the majority of people and companies would follow suit. They are purely waiting for an incentive.




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