International vaccine alliance for contagious diseases like COVID-19

Currently, there is COVAX, which is a international vaccine support for underdeveloped countries. However, further international cooperation encompassing developed countries is needed in securing vaccines, setting prices, and vaccination plans. As the vaccine emerged as a solution in the COVID-19 Pandemic situation, countries take steps to secure the vaccine. As a result of competition, Vaccine acquisition, and the price of the same vaccine varies from country to country. (Europe is paying less than U.S. for many coronavirus vaccines)

However, this is not desirable. 1) Global pandemics need simultaneous responses from all over the world, not from one country. If control is not carried out through international cooperation, the virus can mutate in other countries and neutralize vaccines even if control is carried out within some countries. 2) Basic human rights concerning health should not be influenced by the interests of pharmaceutical companies. In the situation that pharmaceutical companies dominate supply of developed vaccines. international cooperation is needed to provide guidelines for cooperation and control of pharmaceutical companies




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