Leverage the experience and expertise of 900 public body chairs and ceos online.

By way of background, during the pandemic I was asked, as an ALB Chair, to do a Leadership Masterclass on line for BEIS civil servants to help with their motivation and leadership development. It went well and afterwards I thought this presented a roll out opportunity to involve many more of the 900 public body Chairs and CEOs and so I pitched the idea to the Public Chairs‚’ Forum (PCF) and DCMS. As a result a pilot programme was instigated by the DCMS which I contributed to. This was supported by the Henley Business School (at no cost) who I introduced and the pilots completed in December 2019. The opportunity now is to roll out the programme across the civil service. Assuming just 25% of the 900 Chairs and CEOS undertake only 4 one hour sessions a year this would deliver, once established, about 13,000 training hours to civil servants plus a similar number of follow up hours, analysing the sessions. Videoing some sessions and posting online would increase these numbers significantly. There are a number of other ways to exploit this high level human capital for public good eg exploiting its soft power potential by BEIS/Foreign Office, as alluded to in part b. As a double whammy, I commit to donate any prize monies I receive to the Windsor Leadership Trust bursary fund (I am an unpaid fellow) which will enable public, charity, faith leaders to attend their transformational programmes.




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