Maintaining adequate NHS Staffing Levels during COVID and other National Emergencies?

During the COVID crisis, the NHS is facing a “double whammy”, of a huge increase in patients stretching resources, and, as staff fall victim to either the virus themselves, are forced to self isolate, or who just fall victim to the huge increase in stress, and are having to take time off on sick leave, leaving some areas critically short of the medical staff necessary to cope with the crisis? How can the country, and the Government cope with this, and any future pandemics, as well as other national emergencies, without a huge strain on NHS funding resources? Do we need to “throw” money at the problem? or is there a better way? How can we increase staffing resources, in a timely manner, without the need for time consuming vetting, and form filling, which is discouraging volunteers, and making then feel undervalued and patronised? Time to consider the formation of a UK National Medical Reserve, consisting of volunteers, ex and retired medical staff.




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