NCS – National Climate Service

As can be seen by the British public, the goliath that is the NHS does have its down sides, ie layers of management on management, BUT what has also been seen is that when the chips are down, Government departments can come together for the greater GOOD, this is from scientists, engineers and all the day to day efforts that make it great, the COVID 19 pandemic has shown if the will is there we can cut through the red tape and expediate decisions in real time, that changes the game in terms of saving lives and for what i am proposing our Environment. We need to setup another goliath department that deals solely with CLIMATE – NATIONAL CLIMATE SERVICE, this needs to be done in the same terms as the NHS, ie serving all for the greater good, this can be done at central government level and devolved down to local level, im thinking of rivers, surrounding sea ways, flood defences, volunteering at local level, with students at the thick of it, you could also bring in a scheme of “national service that links school leavers to environmental roles once they have been through the national climate service, this includes all skill levels from vocational training to high level university training, there is a link to be had from our NHS and armed forces training schemes to be combined to serve the National Climate service. This is a big scheme, but at the end of the day, it can and will need to be brought down to the local level. From i have just watched on BBC iPlayer – 39 ways to save the planet, also Bill Gates has a recent book that details what we need to do. lets just do it, the same way we set uptheNHS.




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