Personalised Charity

There are a lot of people driven into poverty through loss of employment and ineligibility for government support, eg self employed or new businesses less than one year old.

On the television we see cases that invoke a charitable response, however, the charitable institutions are too impersonal. A donor might wonder what fraction of their donation would reach the recipient and how soon.

We see examples such as a single mother with just £10 to feed a family for a week or a person losing their accommodation for want of a few hundred pounds, an old person unable to put the heating on for fear of the cost. Some viewers might think ” I’d give them that money just to see them through that crisis if I knew they’d get it”. To some donors a few tens of pounds might be possible, others hundreds.

A solution might be to “personalise” the support mechanism.

It might work through an app or website, social media or somesuch. Cases might be prepared by reputable members of society, doctor, social worker, vicar etc., and then “posted” on some on-line platform. Videos might be most influential.

Volunteers to the donor scheme would accept suggestions to support at some predetermined level – £10, £50 /month/year, whatever. They would be sent a number of these authenticated cases and when they have reached their donation limit they’d stop.

If the request is for grocery funding the supermarkets might be encouraged to add financial support (pay 25% say) and the donor could pay the supermarket directly to be sure the funds went where they were intended.

Upon receipt of the support the person helped would send a “thankyou” email or similar communication to the donor. Both could remain anonymous if they preferred, but the donor might see the outcome of their generosity. “Thanks to your kind donation I was able to give the kids hot meals this week” or similarly. “Your kindness meant that I am not out on the street now”

If all that were anonymously made public, human kindness might well flourish.




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