Policing & CPS

They state we are short of police people so we are recruiting 20,000. Is there a shortage of police or are they not being used wisely and using them for what they are trained for?

I am a witness to a theft. I call the police and they investigated, took statements and submitted the report to the CPS. Once that report is with the CPS they decide whether the case goes to court or not. At this point the police do not need to be involved. If the CPS decide not to take the case to court they should inform all involved which includes the victims. The CPS has made that decision not the police so it should not be up to the police to tell the victim that decision.

If the CPS decide to take the case to court then the CPS should take over the case and not involve the police.

The CPS had questions for me about my original statement I made to the police. The CPS didn’t come to me with the questions but had the police, as a middle man, come to me. This is a waste of time and effort for the police. They have better things to do, but not only this if the CPS are still confused then the police will come out and see me again. Are the police secretaries for the CPS?

The CPS should assign a case manager who then deals with the case and the victims, their statements and any questions, once the CPS have been handed the case by the police. If its needs police intervention then ask them.

Tonight the police were coming at 6pm to interview me but they had a busy day and arrived at 6.40pm. When I first reported the crime to the police they arrived 24 hours late. My point is the police are busy and criminals do not work to a timetable so the police can’t either but I am sure a CPS case manager could.

A case manager would not have to be a highly qualified person just a person who works for the CPS and fills in the paperwork as required.

This would allow the police to do the policing instead of asking questions for the CPS and acting as a middle man.

Its like claiming on your car insurance – you report to your broker who then hands it over to the insurance company the insurance company then deals directly with the claimant with no more input from the broker unless there is a requirement.

The right people doing the right jobs saving time and money.




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