Providing support for mental illness in people.

As we know during lockdown period more people were separated from their loved ones and despite of the technologies like video calling it was not enough to fill in the hole. So this problem is very often in people in daily life and was just shown more in the lockdown period. The number of suicides and domestic violence increased abruptly because the loneliness, hopelessness and despair in people came out more strongly but it was always present inside the people. When everything stopped than people got the time to relax and think about their lives more deeply and the result was very disappointing . So I suppose the biggest challenge is that how to make people more satisfied with their lives and its consequences will be that if people are more happy and satisfied than any problem can be handled with more patience and intelligently otherwise there will be chaos like the one’s the world is facing right now . Almost every country is facing violent or non-violent protests and common people are still suffering and it all is contributing to the depletion of world economy as resources and lives are being lost.




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