Removing the VAT on defibrillators and expanding first aid training

A simple change that could be beneficial to people’s lives: This could be removing the VAT on defibrillators and their related equipment (pads, batteries and wall cabinets). It seems that there was a campaign in 2017 to remove the VAT but the answer came back that because we were in the EU we could not do this. Perhaps now we have left the EU we have an opportunity to change this?

Secondly, could a way be found for the wall cabinets to be solar powered? It appears that the machines cannot tolerate extremes of temperature and yet for them to be accessible all the time you want them to be in outside locations. This would hopefully avoid the need for wiring and provide a more environmental way forward.

To complement this positive change, there should be widespread free first aid courses offered in areas that are having one of these machines installed and also in schools. Ideally, children should be encouraged to complete an introductory course before they leave secondary school. Additionally, offering them at university to students as a refresher. People really can make a difference if they have some basic first aid knowledge, it can save lives.




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