School System

The government has been presented with a huge array of challenges from COVID, but the one that has been most prevalent in my life is obviously school and how they have handled the schooling and testing during this period. This, i think we can all agree, has been a great challenge. There has therefore been huge changes for every pupil, student, teacher and parent as the way of teaching has dramatically altered. Learning had to move online in order for it to continue at all. This firstly led to a lack of motivation in almost every student as many could barely bring themselves to turn on the computer and the productivity has therefore also taken a hit – leading onto the next point. Students now have learnt less than they should have as they have not had the normal amount of learning making the concept of exams unfair and this is another hurdle that the government has had to overcome. Of course another consequence of the cancellation of schools is the hit to mental health. Humans are social beings and therefore we have a constant desire to socialise with one another and a lack of this contact may bring about negative emotions for people and teenagers have amplifications of these emotions due to their hormones therefore the cancellation of school has decreased the well being of many students and this may carry on for a longer term of time past the pandemic.




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