The Backwardness of Universal Credit

Having used the Universal Credit (UC) system during the pandemic the system is inheritably flawed. The system assesses income between the period of around the 25th of each month. When I ceased to be working and went to claim UC they looked at my earnings between these dates and stated how much I would receive on my first payment. The system having seen I was paid my monthly salary just before the cut date of the 25th calculated that I was not eligible for funds on the next payment (which would be in 4 weeks time). However, the issue arises when this was my final payment from employment and I was essentially left without money for a month because the system has to catch up the 4 weeks.

The positive to this is that when you regain employment (as in my case), you are paid your earnings from your employer and you additionally receive funds from UC. This is because the system assesses your earnings with the fixed time frame and payment completely depends on what day of the month you are paid, providing you are paid monthly.

To summarise: having left employment with my final paycheque at the end of July I received £36 from UC until the end of September. The having regained employment and beginning work, I was paid my monthly wage as well as the UC payment at the end of November. The system leaves those who has just left work with meagre scraps whilst granting the individual a bonus when they resume paid employment.




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