The challenges of education during periods of lockdown.

Education for children of all ages, from different backgrounds and classes. Children will all have different levels of support from family. Some parents are home full time and available, some with other children to take care of, some working from home, working elsewhere, childcare arrangements sometimes have to be taken into consideration. Children are all at different stages and levels, as are many parents (I couldn’t remember maths now if my life depended on it). Teachers are pushed to have remote learning available at the drop of a hat, and this is all as new to them as the families. Some children have limited access to the internet, some parents and older children struggle with time management. And so no 2 children will receive the same access or educational support because there are so many things affecting how each household goes about distanced learning. This past year has been hard on everyone, and we really should have a simpler, more broad way of getting the same level of teaching to as many children as possible by now. Also, most parents aren’t actually available all day long to oversee every minute of their child(ren)’s daily learning. In a lot of cases it really isn’t possible, and many don’t even have space to sit at a desk (we didn’t have any tables as kids, the house was way too small!). This is contributing to a lot of stress and education getting more and more behind (or staggered in levels) with each lockdown. I feel it could be addressed in a much simpler way, and there is a definite opportunity to address the situation and maybe even use it to allow those who are shielding to access education even when others go back to school.




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