A Proposal for the Reorganisation and Restructuring of the Rail Industry

The Challenge

1. It is extremely likely that COVID-19 has dramatically altered the way business workforces provide office support to their firms. Many ‚’commuters‚’ have experienced remote working from home. The attraction of reducing ‚’travel costs‚’ and increasingly effective technology is going to affect the Rail Commuting sector. Rail travel will continue to be a potential source of the Covid-19 virus particularly if the vaccine has a short effective period.

2. The Privatisation of the Rail Industry has been catastrophic. The Infrastructure of the Rail Network has deteriorated through lack of investment and Engineering Management. Franchises and other Contractual arrangements have failed to deliver an effective interrail network. Passenger Fare costs have risen on the promise of investment, which has failed.

3. Trust in the UK Rail Network no longer exists.

The Opportunity:

COVID-19 will exist for a long time. Commuting is likely to lessen as a result. Planning to reduce the pressures and costs of the morning and evening requirements is essential immediately. In 2020 the Department of Transport decided to reconsider the framework of contracting for the services required. The catalyst for this was failures in several Franchises and the need to return Railtrack to public management. The Green image, particularly seeking the transfer of freight from road to rail, is important as a major target. Now, is the opportunity to re-shape and repair the damaged network.




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