The Development of Bespoke Flexible Housing Aimed Specifically at Reducing Social Isolation.

A little like the rocks being exposed at low tide, if there is one issue that COVID-19 has revealed and highlighted, it is the extent to which isolation has spread into many elements of our society and the damage it is doing to the nation‚’ s health, particularly its mental health. The challenge is to kickstart a campaign to do something about it. Our focus is particularly on the elderly, the infirm and the disabled who so often find themselves in accommodation that is too large or unsuitable or too distant from the friends and family that may wish to care for them and where mutual benefits of social interaction will be an added bonus. We seek to promote a housing system capable of being customised to the needs of a particular client and capable of being sited within easy reach of friends and family desirous of caring for that person. The intent is to make accommodation for the isolated or the potentially isolated so much more flexible and mobile not only to reduce isolation but also to enable the benefits of cross generational interaction to enrich our society.




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