COVID-19 induced Education Inequity

The COVID-19 pandemic has left billions of children out of school globally. It has impacted quality and access to education and educators are still adjusting themselves to adapt to the new normal. The pandemic therefore provides an opportunity for politicians and educators to reimagine delivery of education in such uncertain time. The challenge of access to education has particularly worsened for children belonging to poor and vulnerable households who neither have the available technology nor the technical know-how. When looked at from a child‚’s lens, several challenges come to light.

For many children, being inside school and interactions with teachers and peers serves as a respite from conditions at home. Without such an option, the pandemic has severely affected the mental wellbeing of these children. Moreover, with children being out of school, other provisions such as free meals, libraries and sports equipment are no more accessible. Hence, there is an urgent need to strategize, innovate and develop frameworks that addresses such inequities and recreates virtual education as a tool available for all.




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