Making offer of working from home a legal obligation on a defined range of employers

Employees in defined categories should have a legal right to work from home for a minimum of sixty per cent of their normal hours. Benefits have been amply demonstrated in pandemic and should be made permanent wherever possible by way of a legal presumption in favor of such a practice rather than solely at the employer’s discretion. By making this a legal right, employers and employees would have certainty in planning for future office requirements and modes of living respectively; vested interests would not be able to sweep the success demonstrated during the pandemic under the carpet. By furthering the indirect benefits for businesses nearer to employees’ homes, the Government’s leveling up aims would be supported, family life and employee health improved, and city centre buildings released for housing, leisure and other revitalising roles. No other country has initiated such a measure but with UK hosting the Climate Change Conference in November this is a an opportunity to demonstrate UK has done something ‘world beating’.




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