Curating and organising all online learning resources for parents’, teachers’ and children’s specific needs.

COVID-19 needs learning from home. There is a mass of great online resources – from England, Scotland, Australia, US, Canada – from organisations like the Oak Academy, BBC Bitesize, or the Khan Academy, and from passionate subject experts in schools who are already generously sharing their materials. So much is available, often freely. The problem as a parent, teacher, or even as a school student, is to find a way around it, to see forums of advice from other parents or teachers using it, to note their “likes” and their usage tips. It is currently impossible to find the very best resource for your needs. What is needed is a small curation team to kick things off, and then to moderate comments (spam alert!) as they come in. They need to map the resources carefully to various curriculum stages, to particular interests, to styles and approaches, and make it really simple to find what is needed, to see and exchange ideas about how it can be used. As the curation evolves, AI can bring addition sophistication to the searching (for example looking for collaborative activities rather than individual, or looking for materials aimed at one age group but popular with a younger group – perhaps school students using OU science modules). Although this would initially be a British resource, expanding it to a global scale would put British education very much back at the heart of rapidly changing education provision, worldwide.




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