For too long, the UK and Russia have been at loggerheads, locked in a confrontational situation in a way that has failed to secure positive results.

Look at the recent situation in
Syria, where a proxy war between western nations and Russia hasn’t provided either side
with a diplomatic or political victory, instead it has only succeeded in destroying a whole
country, obliterating its economy and displacing millions.
Instead of maintaining a failing foreign policy, the UK should take the unity created by
fighting a pandemic and use it to refresh its diplomatic policies, choosing to work with
nations, like Russia, instead of demonising them, calming tensions between the two sides and
finding international solutions for global problems. The work to achieve this can already
begin, sharing the work of fully vaccinating the world’s population, accepting offers of
support and creating a culture of friendship and an environment where goodwill, not grudges,
can thrive and be carried through into future diplomatic discussions.
Rather than returning to the old geopolitical situation after the pandemic, would it not be
more advantageous to maintain this culture of international unity? When COVID-19 has been
brought under control, should governments not look at the positive result of what can be
achieved by working together, developing vaccines in record time, and try to recreate that
success with other challenges? By bringing nations, like Russia, into the fold to combat
existential threats, such as climate change, the UK can create a foreign policy that’s based on
cooperation, not confrontation.




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