Giving back in retirement

It is imperative that those currently in education do not suffer lasting disadvantage caused by the current disruption. Should future career opportunities be prejudiced there is a danger of residual resentment growing against the retired who may be looked upon as the golden generation many of whom benefited from defined benefit pensions and lived during a period when home ownership was considerably easier to achieve.

David Cameron‚’s idea of the ‚’Big Society‚’ was a noble aim but with no subsequent ‚’enabling structure‚’ those who might have wanted to contribute found it hard to do so. It is probable that few of the 750,000 who volunteered to help the NHS last year were utilised in a meaningful way.

Many retired would willingly give of their time and the reservoir of knowledge, expertise, experience and life skills if channelled correctly would help bridge the generational gap and encourage those entering the workplace to recognise their full potential.

The challenge is how to link the aspiring new entrant with a retired mentor(s) who will help, guide and encourage.




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