Helping citizens into setting up their own businesses

Relying on standard employment income has been proven challeging in this climate. Not enough is in place to help people into the business world. There are many talented potential entrepreneurs who don’t go to University or are simply not academically inclined either.

Introduce a policy that would provide simple training and incentives for people to start their own businesses, especially with e-commerce. There should be easy-to-access courses for all ages and one-to-one business mentoring available to get people going with their entrepreneurial spirit. Enabling them to start even something as simple as selling online underused items at home.

Included in this education should be critical information and help to understand basic budgeting, cost analysis and how to test an idea with minimul investment. Also, basic understanding of online marketing and investigating the different ways of legally operating a business.

The idea is not to replace university level education but rather introduce a practical, hands-on educational approach for non-unversity goers.

You could also set up mini “dragon dens”, using experienced businesspeople to offer investment into up-and-coming entrepreneurs, across the country.

The authority that manages this project could have an arrangement where although services are provided free, users are expected to pay a percentage of their profits back into the kitty. Or, for the really successful users, they would have to commit to offering from their time to help future users.




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