How to address the “lost learning” of our children through the pandemic lock downs.

COVID has seen the total disruption of learning for many children and young people, particularly among the disadvantaged whose homes have been unable to provide an adequate learning environment and experience. Especially for the youngest children, this set-back, so early in their education,may lead to them being left behind for the rest of their school lives.

Clearly, the challenge is to, not only make up for this lost learning, but to actually use the occasion to enhance their life opportunities. In the process, it may be possible to address another equally important problem, how to provide meaningful employment experience for the many young students who have left university only to find their jobs now obsolete or sectors so shrunk that employment is unlikely. These young people need to feel they can fulfill a useful role in society (outside of Amazon fullfillment centres) where their learning will be valued and where they can themselves gain work experience and discipline.




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