Online Learning: The New Normal?

In a bid to find an alternative to the traditional classroom learning, online learning seems to be the only possible solution – now regarded “The New Normal”. It is important that in providing solutions to certain problems caused by the pandemic, we do not create much greater problems as this concerns our children and teenagers. I will concentrate on primary and secondary education in this write-up.

From vision problem due to increased screen time and obesity due to physical inactivity to stress, anxiety and difficulty in concentration, the detrimental Effects of online schooling should not be overlooked. How much self-discipline can a child or teenager really have? Online classes require great amounts of self-discipline, self-discipline that would have been instilled in a traditional classroom learning environment.

Furthermore, can online communication replace communication among students physically present at school? Social and emotional intelligence are two indispensable skills learnt in this traditional learning environment due to effective communication among students. These are skills that shape the individuals we grow up to be.

Regarding bullying, this character flaw might not have been noted and addressed early in certain students without the traditional classroom learning environment. Although, I realize some engage in cyberbullying, the former is more prevalent.

Lastly, there are countless students with limited or no access to devices needed for online classes. According to Sutton Trust(UK), just 5% of teachers in state schools reported that all their students had access to an appropriate device for remote learning and 66% of senior leaders in state schools reported needing to source IT equipment for disadvantaged pupils waiting for government support.

In conclusion, I appreciate the opportunity to share my view on a key challenge presented by the pandemic and will be pleased to see these challenges adequately addressed.

Thank you.




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