How to Best Use the Online Resources Made by Schools in Lockdown?

Schools have been closed on and off for a large part of the year. As a result, the 32 thousand schools across the country have worked hard to make online learning resources, probably in the millions! In this short year, the sheer breadth and depth of resources created could educate a child from their very first day in primary school up until the day of their final exams. Of course, in-person teaching is vital for proper education; however, there is also certainly an opportunity here. A body of educational materials on a scale never seen before is at our fingertips!

If put together in the right way, the number of people this could help cannot be overstated. Children with illnesses that mean they miss a lot of their schooling could supplement their learning. Parents of home-schooled children would have access to a massive bank of aids, alongside the parents of regular school children who want to do all they can to help their child succeed. Our amazing, overworked teachers could spend less time putting together lessons and more time doing what they love: teaching! In fact, making these resources available for all, free of charge, would give every child more control over their future and let them reach as high as they can dream, regardless of the hand life deals them. However, the most beautiful thing about this idea is that it would open the wonderful quality of British education on a worldwide scale. We are so lucky to have access to such good education for free, yet there are so so many who are not so fortunate.

There is a chance here to help millions and millions. Are we ready to take it?




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