Jannat Ahmed

Coronavirus has undoubtably hit the world in many ways, from changing the way we work, our everyday life and even our basic hygiene. As the pandemic initially hit us, the main topic was how to reduce the risk of catching the virus and so one of the first things everyone resulted in was buying hand sanitizers, to the extent where it was sold out everywhere possible. So an opportunity faced by Covid-19 has been the increase in basic hygiene habits. This pandemic has been an eye opener to us all, towards our poor hygiene. What I mean by this, is that people are starting to become more precautious with sanitizing and washing their hands, cleaning the things they touch, avoiding to touch our own faces, less shopping sprees, greater precaution when eating out and less use of public toilets, all in fear of catching the virus. Although, some of these are things we should have been doing regardless of the virus, that was in fact not the case. Before the virus, many of us would be touching our phones, without even cleaning it – from coming outside and being in contact with god knows what. In addition to this, some people would just eat in restaurant without making sure that everything is cleansed. And the main change has been an increase in handwashing and sanitising. Before the pandemic people only 11% washed their hands for the recommended time, which is around 20 seconds, whereas during the pandemic this figure had a major increase. People have started to wash their hands way more regularly when out and about, visiting communal areas and before dining in. So, to some everything up an opportunity that has been resulted from this tragic pandemic, would be the increase in our basic hygiene habits.




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