mental and physical well being, post pandemic.

Giving all people a purpose in life [young and old] this is done through mential and physical activity and this can only be done through education.

We are social animals, and very all have with different qualities to bring to the table.

At a young age, we need too to be helped too broaden our horizons and the biggest area for improvement is our “physical health.”

Not everyone is mentally intelligent, [including me !?] but if they are unfit too, they are more or less put on the scrapheap because they’ve not had a opportunity to find there purpose in life. This leads to crime and costs to our country and our communities.

Pride then disappears around us, which has a detrimental effect on our environment around us.

often people are good with there hands for example, but opportunities are not given to young people to explore what they might be good at.

There needs to be more interaction between young and old to pass on knowledge so that old people feel wanted too; this creatures community which adds strength to our society.




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