Mental Health Matters

Mental health matters. Whilst both awareness, understanding and support for mental health disorders has improved significantly over the last decade, the ongoing lockdown has highlighted mental health as a key contributor to individual and corporate wellbeing. Locked in, isolated and stripped of established coping mechanisms, those with mental health disorders have found their symptoms exacerbated whilst many are experiencing symptoms for the first time. As many struggle with mental health conditions, a long overdue conversation is picking up momentum, however, this is not enough. As people navigate the difficulties of the current crisis, more people are speaking out about their mental health as mental wellbeing becomes an increasing mainstream discussion point . However, it is becoming clear that people still misunderstand mental health disorders and that existing provisions are insufficient. There is an abundance of excellent resources and service available from therapy to self-help to crisis hotlines, however, the abundance of resources and information can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. It is hard to know where to begin and to identify what is personally relevant. Whilst, the NHS mental health services are a blessing, they are stretched beyond capacity and cannot meet the increased demand for services such as CBT. Furthermore, due to the case overload, the NHS must prioritise referrals, meaning only the most critical cases get seen. Although this is an obvious necessity, the responsive nature of the system means early intervention is not possible. The importance of mental wellbeing has never been clearer than it is now, the conversation has got louder, and now is the time to act. There is an opportunity, here and now, to educate people to look after their mental health, to establish support for those living with mental health disorders and to further break down taboos.




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