National Volunteer Day

National Volunteer Day The objective of this policy is to recognise the thousands of unpaid volunteers that have supported our communities before, during and after the Covid Pandemic. Methodology 1) Volunteers register on a National database. 2) All branches of government and the armed forces allocate prizes. 3) A lottery is instigated based on the volunteer database. 4) Volunteers are verified. 5) Prizes are awarded and implemented on or around National Volunteer Day. Specifics: 1. Anyone who acts in a volunteer capacity within our communities is encouraged to register on a very simple form – name, age (not DOB), voluntary position, email/contact – annually. (At this stage no verification of data/volunteering is necessary) 2. The branches of government advise of prizes – each department to submit at least one prize. eg., Overnight stay and tour of HMS Queen Elizabeth, shadow the cabinet secretary for a day, lunch with the Speaker, Stand next to the PC guarding no 10 for a day, Fly in a Merlin, Drive a Challenger, Stay at the Washington Embassy guest quarters and a tour of the embassy, Tour of the Paris embassy, shadow the PM for a day, invite to Trooping the Colour etc. etc. Basically these activities should be more or less zero additional cost, and as well as a well-earned day out for the volunteer, be a way of showcasing our country’s world class public sector organisations. 3. Annual lottery held – one prize one name. 4. Before prize is awarded, volunteer is verified using a volunteer statement and references. A possible volunteer could encompass all aspects of unpaid volunteering, from football coaches to school governors to “friends of” hospitals to st Johns ambulance to RNLI to scout leaders to community carers etc., etc. 5. Prizes happen on or around a National Volunteer day.




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