New NHS App

The special place that the NHS has in our hearts and minds has been amply displayed during the current pandemic. The NHS Covid-19 app should now be expanded not just to focus on Covid-19 related matters but should in essence be our first port of call in all aspects of our health and social care needs. There is a need to combine the Patient Access app and NHS Covid-19 app to provide a one-stop shop. Over time, not only could it be used to give information about available services and provisions but it would also have the capacity to alert us to health and social care related matters that are deemed to be necessary. Importantly it would enable individuals to have access to information at their own leisure, they would able to find out about a range of medications and their efficacy, they would be able to better understand their illnesses and the symptoms they may be experiencing or observing without having to rely on misinformation from facebook and other media. Through the app they would have free access to informed information about nutrition, health campaigns, well-being ideas and suggestions for improved mental health. The app would have a track and trace facility in readiness for the next pandemic or any other major health scare concerns. As well as the emergency NHS numbers there would also be the opportunity to seek help and clarification using the virtual advice through live chat on the app.




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