Powerful together.

As we’re aware we really are at the height of politics in our lifetimes – particularly young lives. COVID19 is special in ways because as opposed to politicians interacting with us on a large scale in things like a general election or referendums, here’s a totally new atmosphere. It’s gone quickly from a ‘you and me’ situation to ‘us’. COVID hasn’t brought many things to be thankful for but one thing we’ll hold onto is the opportunity to be in close cooperation with our communities. Furthermore we’ve learned working together, doesn’t require us to actually be together. COVID prompts all sorts of people to become familiar with technology. ‘Kingsfund’ found that 4/5 people said having the internet to continue their jobs, attend meetings and stay up to date was paramount since the start lockdown 1. If there was a time to contemporize our relationship with politicians now is that time. Young people, myself and my peers, have constantly had such good opinions/ideas with massive value to politicians. Where is our platform to exercise those ideas and our right to be represented? We have MPs, however they have been swamped to the neck more than ever to do their jobs. I have seen MPs do online video calls for certain reasons and that made me think, how can we capitalise? It would serve everyone, especially young people, to have specialised online forums which are regulated, monitored and responded to by politicians, be that MPs or any policy maker. Different to e-petitions – sometimes we don’t need a debate, sometimes we need a connection. We need to prompt that tighter connection to politicians and each other . These local online forums can be used for all sorts of purposes, contrasting stances can come together and form powerful policies through just a conversation.




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