Preventative Medicine

Famously, traditional Chinese medical practice ensures that medical attendants only get paid in the event of their client NOT falling ill. Our overriding concern must be one of honest self/collective examination. We need to challenge ourselves with a singular question: why do we fail to establish an equitable framework of preventative medicine? The discourse is being increasingly amplified with reference made to lifestyle prescriptions, diet, nutrition and “the outdoors”. We know that the NHS, in normal time, works to 90% capacity. There is little slack in the system, and staff are increasingly working in a pressured environment. It is not overly dramatic to suggest that healthcare now and for the medium term future is essentially crisis management. The resultant opportunities are both immense and uplifting. We have all the personal tools to curate our own health within a supported eco-system, which involves US having such fun! My jocular response when discussing Covid response-management was for everyone to receive a Government gift of a beautiful pair of waterproof walking boots/ballet shoes/roller skates… The opportunity for collective empowerment to manage our own health using a variety of Nature-based lifestyle initiatives within a clear framework is here, now. Empirical evidence suggests that, not only will health outcomes be delivered, but net cost savings to the public purse. And,persuasively, by connoting personal health with immersion in Nature we develop collective awareness and support for effective responses to the Climate Crisis.




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