Repurposing the NHS Test and Trace Infrastructure after the Pandemic –

Rather than being an issue highlighted by the pandemic, Sexually Transmitted Infections/ Diseases have been prevalent across the UK for decades. Due to the inability to treat certain diseases and the inability to administer diagnosis in certain cases, many people, unknowingly, contract STI’s and because of that, thousands of UK residents die each year due to succumbing to their respective infections. AIDs and HIV have been pandemic waging pain on both the infected and their families. The issue of transparency, when it comes to STI’s, is critical to ensure that those diseases do not spread from person to person, especially among a younger demographic. This country is succeeding in its attempt to prevent the spread of STD’s but to create a more transparent, safe future, we must ensure that people know whom it is spreading too and if they have engaged in intercourse with someone infected.




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