Single use face masks and other waste re-purposing

The key challenge is the significant step change in single use face masks. They are a regular sight discarded on the streets. If they do end up in the waste they head to landfill. Reports of billions of these items going to landfill or worse into the oceans is unacceptable especially as the country now embarks one of it’s greatest challenges – to lead the way on being green and carbon neutral. It is clear that these items are not intended to be reused but they are not intended to be discarded in the manner that they are being so today.

The opportunity here is to pilot a scheme to get the masks and other single use PPE consumed by the public responsibly disposed of and repurposed, if possible. The opportunity presented is to show the country and the world that the UK will lead the way on reusing and responsibly re-purposing PPE and other items to fight COVID-19 and at the same time show that the UK will be world leaders in it’s green agenda.




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