Start up Nation. Net job creation through the challenges of an endemic poverty in education


Our young are ill prepared for the job market, the volume and nature of available job opportunities has changed with accelerating speed. A damaged supply chain within a perfect storm. The UK is at the precipice of an endemic crisis in education poverty. While the pandemic has magnified social and economic fault lines across several areas it is our children and young adults; the very fabric of our future that are materially disrupted both socially and economically but also mentally. The digital revolution has already embarked on radically transforming the job market. There is therefore a discord between a new incoming workforce and the opportunities available.


Net job creation through innovation by and for our young through the stimulation and creation of an industrial scale start up programme. The like never before seen. The lockdowns have acted as a test case for initiatives fuelled by the digital revolution. 1 in 5 Britons wants to start up a business this year (2021). Start up ambitions strongest among the young > 1/3rd 18-34yr olds want to launch a new venture 2021 (polling firm OPINIUM) The age of those looking to start up a business in the UK is getting younger; shifting to 15-18yr olds.


Turbo charging and overhauling Enterprise Education (primary, secondary, tertiary) on a scale never before seen. The creation of a Start up Nation. By identifying economic needs tailored start ups will embrace all aspects of entrepreneurism, from using business solutions to answer social questions (Social Entrepreneurs) through to commercial efficiencies in automation with applications in Work tech Med tech, Agri tech, Ed tech etc. Net job creation, skills training and targeted deployment the key outcome. The engine room to be headquartered in the North with a national remit. Immediately responding to the levelling up agenda.




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