Strengthening International Relations in the Post COVID World

One key opportunity disguised in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic was the chance of proving our unity and awakening humanity in a world that has forgotten to show gratitude. We now have an opportunity to strengthen the bilateral ties that weakened during the very beginning of this phase when countries blamed each other for the mismanagement to contain the disease. As a society, we have fortunately realised where we went wrong, and have started taking amends to help the fellow countries in need.

India poses as one such example. India produces around 60% of all vaccines manufactured in the world. Instead of monopolising the vaccine they rolled out to fight COVID-19, the country initiated ‚’Vaccine Maitri‚’, where they distributed the vaccine to nations in need. Till date, 15 countries have received COVID-19 vaccine supplies from India, while another 25 countries have queued to receive the same. India truly served as an inspiration in these bleak times.

China, the country that was stained under the blame of initiating and spreading the virus, took immediate corrective measures to counter its negative portrayal. China sent aid to 82 countries, the World Health Organization, and the African Union.

Nations around the world united to stand together in these tough times and strengthened international relations. This will have positive implications in the long run, like imbibing peace, improving understanding between nations on humanitarian grounds and promoting successful trade policies. Resources are scarce, and every country does not have every resource. Good relations between countries can always help us find solutions to the problems that we couldn‚’t internally address efficiently. The pandemic has provided us with the key opportunity of strengthening fraternity and bilateral ties between countries. We are definitely building on this.




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